preVISIBLE is a development tool which tests the managment systems and policies and procedures that an organisation has in place via a series of online questions and requests to attach specific pieces of supporting evidence. The preVISIBLE Review is packed with advice and guidance and looks at whether an organisation is fit for purpose and legally compliant.

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Charity Commission LogopreVISIBLE gets our support because it will give charities the confidence to take the first steps into the world of organisational assessment and to inspire them to work towards more comprehensive standards’.

                          Andrew Hind, Chief Executive, Charity Commission

The preVISIBLE Review is for:

  • Democratically organised community groups of any size. It is also suitable for many other voluntary sector groups.
  • Community Associations, Charitable Trusts, Incorporated Charities, and Community Interest Companies.
  • Groups looking to develop/review their governance and management arrangements to ensure they are up to date, legally compliant, and adhere to best practice.
  • Groups looking to secure funding, apply for grants, or negotiate other forms of support where it is important to demonstrate that the group is fit for purpose.
  • Groups embarking on a period of growth or development (for instance asset transfer) who wish to ensure they are they are in the best possible shape for the challenges ahead.

Who else might use the preVISIBLE Review?

  • Local Authorities, Councils for Voluntary Services and other support organisations as a diagnostic tool to help understand the development and capacity support needs of the groups they are working with.
  • Funders and Commissioners who wish to assure (or reassure) themselves that they are funding suitable, fit for purpose groups.

Are there any costs to the preVISIBLE Review?

  • You can set up an assessment and use the preVISIBLE Review as a diagnostic and development tool, with all its guidance notes. This will cost £50 + VAT. 
  • For £500 + VAT you can have your online quality file reviewed by one of our VISIBLE Assessors, and a report provided that you can show to funders.

Once you received your review, there is also the option of re-reviewing it based on feedback from the assessor. A re-review would be suitable if the overall status of your report was positive, but there were a few sections that you wanted to ammend. Provided you come forward within a 3 month period of completing the report, we would charge your organisation a flat rate of £200.

The preVISIBLE Review can be the first step towards full VISIBLE accreditation.

  • If you have successfully completed the preVISIBLE Review then you have already completed about 50% of the main VISIBLE standards. And what’s more you have done the hardest 50% of the standard.
  • The questions in the preVISIBLE Review are drawn primarily from the three checklists in the Independent section of the main VISIBLE Standards.
  • Each question in the Review tells you which indicator in the main VISIBLE standards it relates to, so that it is easy to transpose over your evidence.