10 Top Ways VISIBLE Communities Can Benefit Your Community Organisation

1.      It increases your chances of receiving funding. 60% of organisations VISIBLE accredited found it easier to secure funding previously difficult to obtain.

 It has impressed trustees and other decisions makers or large grant-making bodies who have given us significant funding (including Children in Need and the Tudor Trust).  (Centre Manger Cutteslowe Community Association)

 We are applying to Communitybuilders and having VISIBLE status already seems to be putting us in good stead (Chair, South Oxford Community Association).

2.      It provides substantial evidence of the quality of your organsation's work.

The exercise has enabled us to ensure our services as a whole are operating at an extremely high level and as an organisation we are cohesive, reflective, responsive, compliant and unified. (Centre Manager, Somers Town Community Association)

3.      It creates greater cohesion amongst staff and trustees. Improves trust and the working relationship.

The volunteer management has become much stronger and more confident as a result and the paid administrator, who was involved throughout works more efficiently and effectively. (Chair, South Oxford Community Association)

4.      It will give your management committees early warning signs of potential problems.

It has given us confidence to do things that we had been thinking of doing ...VISIBLE has acted as a backbone ...we have been adventurous and taken risks. It is great to have the quality standard. (Centre Manager, Horndean Community Association Ltd)

5.      It enables your organisation to introduce new services to the community. 55% of those accredited found that their communities have benefited in other ways since obtaining accreditation.

The number of services we are delivering has gone up and we are having more of an impact at a strategic level. (Centre Manager, Somers Town Community Association) 

6.      It provides a clear structure for the improvement of your organisation.

     It has sharpened our focus on what to do as an organisation. (Centre Manager, Horndean Community Association Ltd)

7.      It gives confidence to funders, stakeholders, members and users.    

Previously I felt that we were easily dismissed as a village hall, we have been able to secure a lot of support from the local authority. It has been a fantastic yardstick and proof of the fact that we are a well run and well managed organisation. (Centre Manager, Horndean Community Association Ltd)

It has helped with applications with the Local Authority, they have not questioned the standard. (Chief Officer, Foresight) 

8.      It will enable your organisation to operate within the law.

We have made a concerted effort to ensure VISIBLE underpins all of what we do…being VISIBLE has been a huge benefit to our organisation. (Centre Manager, Horndean Community Association Ltd)

9.      It improves your local relations.

The accreditation process caused us to review our activities and priorities, as a result we are in the process of expanding our activities. (Greeson Hall Community Association)

10.  It enables your organisation to feel empowered about its development. 100% of accredited groups indicated they would re-accredit.

 The process of becoming VISIBLE was hugely beneficial to us, making us look at every aspect of our organisation and structure – as a charity, employers and also managers of a popular community centre (Chair, South Oxford Community Association).