VISIBLE CommunitiesTM is based around a set of seven core principles that we believe underpin strong sustainable community organisations.  The programme offers your group two tools to help implement these principles and your group will need to decide which one best suits the needs of your organisation at present.

  • The VISIBLE Standards, the nationally accredited quality standards for community organisations. These standards are aimed at medium to large community organisations often referred to as community anchors. However many other organisations can benefit from VISIBLE.  Find out how to get started on the VISIBLE Standards
  • The preVISIBLE Review  is simpler and cheaper, concentrating on the management systems and policies that a community organisation has in place via a series of online questions and guidance notes. Suitable for community organisations of any size, it is not however an accreditated standard.  Find out how to get started with the preVISIBLE Review.

Now scroll down to see the seven standards.

A VOICE to represent issues of local concern

Community organisations provide a voice for local concerns and for people whose views may not always be heard. 

An INDEPENDENT and politically neutral organisation

Community organisations are independent and politically neutral with a powerful commitment to democratic principles.  

A SERVICE provider for local people

Community organisations deliver services to local people. 

An INITIATOR of projects to meet locally identified needs

Community organisations initiate new projects and services that respond to local needs.

A BUILDER of partnerships with other local organisations and groups

Community organisations build partnerships with other local organisations and groups.

A strong LOCAL network of people and organisations

Community organisations provide a strong local network of people and organisations working together and supporting each other.

A way to ENGAGE local people to become active in their communities

Community organisations provide ways of engaging people to become active in their communities.


Benefits for community organisations adopting the VISIBLE Standards

  • Enables community organisations to achieve a recognised  national standard
  • Provides a framework for their development
  • Gives management committees early warning of potential problems
  • Improves the ability of staff and volunteers to manage the organisation
  • Helps organisations to remain legally compliant
  • Provides evidence of the quality and breadth of their work
  • Gives confidence to existing funders and regulators
  • Can bring additional resource to the organisation
  • Gives confidence to members, users and other stakeholders
  • Helps to frame Service Level Agreements
  • Helps organisations to become community anchors
  • Can improve local relations and communication internally and externally
  • Can increase the motivation and satisfaction of staff and volunteers