In order to get started, you will need to decide whether the PreVISIBLE Review or nationally accredited VISIBLE Standards will best suit your organisation's development. If you are a small volunteer run organisation, PreVISIBLE may be better suited. If you are a medium to large sized organisation with paid staff you may find VISIBLE more suitable to your needs.

To help you decide, familiarise yourself with the online VISIBLE demo workbook and PreVISIBLE review both FREE of charge through an initial short registration. Registration guidance can be accessed here. You can always discuss your group's needs by contacting the VISIBLE team.  You can also read an article written by a recently accredited member on what doing the process of VISIBLE is really.

Both VISIBLE Communities TM tools can be used for an indefinite period. It is estimated that work on the nationally accredited VISIBLE Standards can take 9 - 18 months and PreVISIBLE 3 - 6 months.

 PreVISIBLE is FREE to access and use.

  • If you decide to work on the main VISIBLE Standards you will need to do a further registration to set up an online workbook for your group. It is FREE for Community Matters members and organisations coming through a Local Licensed Agent. For other groups it costs £15 + VAT.
  • You should then read the Getting Started on VISIBLE guidance notes.
  • For a pdf version of the VISIBLE Standards workbook contact the VISIBLE team. A pdf version of PreVISIBLE is also available to be downloaded.

Find out more details about the VISIBLE accreditation process. As an accrediting organisation, to maintain the integrity of the Standards,  all support offered by the VISIBLE team, or other Community Matters consultants or staff, is offered without prejudice to the final decision of the VISIBLE assessor when your group comes forward for accreditation.