On this page you will find loads of useful resources that will help you engage with both the VISIBLE Standards and the  preVISIBLE Review. You will also find advice, guidance and sign-posting to help you meet the standards.


Three short visual presentations where organisations talk about the process of working through and completing VISIBLE.


Directory of Quality Standards

'Quality on the Voluntary Sectory' - a new directory of Quality Standards to help commissioners - has been formulated by members of the Accreditation Providers' Forum, a group consisting of voluntary and community organisations that have a focus on accrediting quality in the third sector.

PDF of Directory

Greeson Hall Community Association VISIBLE Accreditation Testimony

One community group's journey to VISIBLE acccreditation in their own words


VISIBLE Communities Publicity Brochure

A complete full colour guide to the VISIBLE tools


preVISIBLE Example Final Report

An anonymised version of an actual report for preVISIBLE

PreVISIBLE example report

preVISIBLE Review Questionnaire Text

A pdf of the preVISIBLE online tool.


PreVISIBLE Re-Review

Instuctions for having your PreVISIBLE re-reviewed


VISIBLE Standards Getting Started Process Sheet

An outline of the steps required to get you started. 

Process Sheet

VISIBLE Standards Online Workbook Process Sheet

Step-by-step instructions to registering online.

Online Workbook Process Sheet

Guidance on meeting VISIBLE Independent Standard, Indicator 4

Guidance Sheet

VISIBLE Standards Assessment and Accreditation Process Sheet

Complete outline of the assessment and accreditation process. 

Assessment and Accreditation Process Sheet

VISIBLE Standards Assessment Document List

A list of standard documents you will be required to provide at the outset of the accreditation process along with your indicator sheets.   

Document List

VISIBLE Standards Assessment Day Procedure

A guide to how the inspection day works, who will need to be present, and what you need to have prepared.

Procedure Sheet

Policy and Procedure on Maintaining Intregrity of VISIBLE Standards  

VISIBLE policy and procedure on Maintaining the Integrity of VISIBLE and when the award can be withdrawn

Procedure Sheet

VISIBLE Standards Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that you may have about the VISIBLE Communities™ Standard.


Your Activities and Your Local Context

A Chart for your group to fill in which helps you relate your charitable objectives and activities to the goals of your local authority and your local strategic partnership.


VISIBLE Communities™ Presentation

An overview of the VISIBLE Communities programme and its benefits.